Gifted Leaders – What’s in Our Name?

Actually, you are the Gifted Leader! We will work with you to help you (and your team) capitalize on your unique gifts and reach your full potential. An experienced executive/team coaching and organization development firm, based in Phoenix, AZ, Gifted Leaders develops tailored leadership coaching, team coaching, and leadership development programs for clients nationwide.


We equip you to create an inspired workplace by unleashing the power of an innovative and collective approach to leadership.


“Collective leadership is the process of many people working together and aligning their efforts to achieve greater impact.” – The Leadership Learning Community.

Unfortunately, hierarchical organizations are perfectly designed to create many of the painful challenges that we experience in organizational life! Employee engagement figures have remained low for the last 50 years, despite millions of dollars invested to try to remedy the problem.


Something needs to change. We are committed to working with you to redefine leadership and find better ways to work together. Our goal is to build and sustain emotionally engaging team cultures that boost individual and organizational performance. In short, we work with you to develop innovative leadership…and create inspired workplaces!


You can be part of the movement! Let’s talk about how we can partner together. Contact us at 480-442-1294.

Our Services

Customized programs that cover individual leadership coaching & development, team coaching, and team & organizational development.
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Working with GL

One size does not fit all. We believe in partnering with our clients to develop tailored programs and initiatives based on their specific goals.
Why Choose Gifted Leaders

Teams Coaching Teams

Teams that talk with each other outperform teams that talk at each other! Let our team help you develop and strengthen your team.
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Case Studies

Our coaching experience is both broad and deep; we tailor our programs to the particular needs of our clients. These case studies demonstrate the effective work we have done in the healthcare, technical and veterinary fields in particular.