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Become a member of the Enlightened Rebel Alliance! 


- Redefine your leadership and increase individual accountability

- Redesign your organization and improve team communication

- Revitalize your workplace and increase employee engagement


Create a business that delivers excellent bottom line results while also being a great place to work.


Stop Doing What You Have Always Done So You Get the Results You Have Always Wanted!


Veterinary leaders have always wanted to achieve excellent business results and build practices that are great places to work. However, the future is becoming increasingly difficult to predict and different approaches to leadership and management are needed for veterinary practices to remain relevant and effective.


Rebel Alliance

Join the





Leaders (owners, associates, managers, team leads, etc.)  in veterinary practices and veterinary organizations who are ... 

  • Feeling the burden of responsibility for leading their practice or team.

  • Frustrated by employees who demonstrate inconsistent accountability and take little responsibility for the success of the business.

  • Struggling with staff turnover.

  • Concerned about their ability to build client loyalty and to continue to grow their business.

Or ... leaders who simply want to become progressive, "next-stage"​ practices/organizations that are moving away from directive leadership, centralized authority, and hierarchy to collective leadership, self-directed networks of teams, and partnership.


You will learn to create a veterinary practice/business that is characterized by ... 

  • Team alignment around purpose and operational values.

  • Engaged employees who exhibit psychological ownership and who choose to be accountable for their actions and behaviors.

  • A workplace culture that pays equal attention to both delivering quality results and to building the interpersonal relationships and effective group processes needed to do so.


Feel free to reach out directly to any of our Enlightened Rebel Alliance team members ... 

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