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The Veterinary Practice of the Future

Western Veterinary Conference

On Monday, March 6, I'll be partnering with ten other VetPartners members to co-facilitate a half-day workshop at the Western Veterinary Conference titled, Veterinary Practice of the Future: 3 Strategies for Personal, Professional, and Practice Wellbeing.

Based on research in the fields of evolutionary and human development, the workshop will explore what the future may hold for organizational structure and design in general and specifically what that could look like in a veterinary practice context. Here’s the workshop description:

The veterinary profession is at a crossroads. Faced with a variety of stresses including rapid technological change, non-traditional sources of competition, ongoing economic challenges, and increasing levels of personal debt and professional burnout, it’s clear that we need to consider new ways to preserve the health of our practices and the people who work in them.

In this innovative and fun workshop, we'll prepare your practice for a future of rapid change by helping you treat the root cause of organizational dysfunction, rather than just trying to deal with the all-too-common symptoms. During the session a diverse team of VetPartners members will help you explore an alternative organizational model for veterinary practices – one that embraces self-management, wholeness, and evolutionary purpose.

The workshop is applicable and relevant to all veterinary stakeholders. However, business leaders, whether they come from corporate veterinary consolidators, industry senior executives, current and prospective practice owners, or practice managers will be either the bottleneck or the catalyst for creating the practice of the future and will, therefore, benefit the most from attending.

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